Truth is I have a love, like relationship with Periscope. I love the fact you can access many real time videos all over the world, but at times I get so many of them I have to filter through and of course have balance in all things because you can look up and a whole day goes by because you get lost in Periscope world looking at scopes.;) It has however increased my followers on Twitter and I have met some awesome folks through a scope mastermind. My favorite girls to follow on the scope are Refit Revolution. Well you guys know via our Facebook followers I attended a church in Hammonton , NJ  to do their workout back in May and I so enjoyed myself. Like I really did!!! I stayed for an hour and it was a great sweat and the girls had great timing and ques and fun moves. Did I Rhyme? lol

I have some future plans for this but to be continued…


IMG_6655photo 3

Ok, so Tuesday I did a weight loss tip on Periscope about ways to add cardio to your workout when your walking because I am always walking. I met up with some friends and my sister and brought my jump rope to add in some intensity and it was great. 3.6 miles and a jump rope make for a great workout to get that heart rate up and burn some calories. Here is more about it via our Youtube channel below.

Variety is the spice of life and keeps my workouts interesting.

What can you do this weekend to add some intensity to your workouts and have fun? And do us a favor and follow us over on Periscope so you can tune in to our real time tips. And from time to time you can catch our scopes on Youtube.

Off to create vision with the teen girls at the Teen Glam Girl event today and have some super fun these girls have no idea what we have planned for them.

Be FIT and Be Blessed Onpurpose!!

Rhonda Hammond
Purpose Coach