Vision Board Testimony:  

I truly believe creating a Vision/Dream Board has a lot to do with where I
and my business are today!

My first introduction to doing a Vision Board was in December of 2009. I
attended an interactive workshop lead and facilitated by Positive With
Purpose. There were at least 12 or so ladies in this very comfortable room,
and we had a lot of fun.

Immediately following the training and information given about what a Vision
Board is and how to put one together, we got started. I had no idea what
would go on my board. I was thrilled however to see the outcome.

My Vision Board had a lot of character building on it: like getting more
Bible instruction, be a resource to others, do more networking, eat
healthier, and empower yourself. Those things were all accomplished. Some of
the material things were do more traveling, travel overseas (specifically
Africa), and buy more shoes as I was still recovering from a flood that
happened a few years earlier when I had lost nearly all my shoes.

In 2010 I indeed purchased more shoes and others purchased shoes for me not
knowing what was on my Vision Board. And in June of 2010 I was presented
with the opportunity to travel to Egypt in January 2011. I seized the
opportunity and off to Egypt I went.

Speeding up to January of 2012, I created a second Vision Board and the main
words and theme of it are “Stay Focused Plans”. I own a business called
Focused Plans, LLC for the past 8 years, and just in May released the first
issue of Stay Focused Magazine. An idea that did not come until early March
2012. Now is that fast or what. Also on this Vision Board is products,
partnerships, and other business promotional items as these are all needed
to do Focused Plans full time as I am now doing. Also on the Vision Board is
that my life shall be an endless vacation. As of today there are plans to go
to Las Vegas, Bermuda, Virginia, and DC, (and possibly Florida) all this
year 2012.

My faith is not in the Vision Board itself, it is in the God who inspired
the words, “write the vision and make it plain that they who read it might
run with the vision. . .”, “The vision is for an appointed time.”

Deanna L. Davis

Founder and CEO of Focused Plans

Social Networking Business Support Testimony:

Rhonda is phenomenal as it comes to social media.  She created the fan page for my gift baskets and monitors it closely while directing those with similar interests to it. Her ability to connect those with similar interests and purpose can only be Spirit Led. Rhonda works tirelessly to hone her craft and is constantly and consistently seeking to stay on the “cutting edge” as it comes to social media, assisting start up businesses with any and all needs as they arise. You may call her a Vision Mid-wife as she stays in the “birthing room” helping you to breathe and telling you when to push until the baby is brought forth. I am always waiting with bated breath to see what her next brainstorm will be.

Tyrena Richardson

CEO and President of Diversified Consulting Group, LLC

and Simple Sentiments Gift Baskets