10 Ways to Make Sure Your Items on Your Vision Board Come True

Vision boards are a fantastic way of using your inner power so that you can attract all of the things in your life that you have always wanted for yourself and for your family. Everyone, no matter at what stage in life they are, wants to change something about his or her life. A vision board is the perfect way of making it happen! There are some definitive ways of making sure that the items you have placed on your vision board come true. After sifting through hundreds of different ideas with this in mind, a rock solid and powerful top ten has been created. So if you want to make sure that what you want does come true then follow these tips.

1. Just for you – This is one of the most important things that people do not realize when they are making their own vision boards. Many people often use images that they think others would approve of or of things that society tells us are the right goals that we should be striving for. Make sure that you choose wisely what you want and that each picture, sound or word comes from within.

2. Listen to Music – Before and during the creation of your vision board it is a good idea to play a piece of music that makes your heart feel warm, it will allow you to put aside your “ego” as such and enable you to hear what your subconscious is trying to tell you. It also allows you to embed the images into your subconscious in a clearer way.

3. Belief – Making sure that you truly believe is also important as negative thoughts will make the process take longer. Understanding that things will not happen the very next day or even maybe at first is an important part, so that you do not get disheartened.

4. Use Affirmations- Using affirmations to work alongside your vision board will super charge it with extra power allowing you to bring your hopes and dreams into fruition more quickly and on a larger scale.

5. Surround Yourself – Surrounding yourself with reminders of your vision board and your goals is very important, as it allows you to keep your mind “topped up” with the sight, sounds and even in some cases, smells, of what you want to accomplish and bring to your life.

6. Add mood colors – Adding colors that represent your goals can help in a fast acting way. It is said that certain colors help us to feel a certain way. For example; blue is known to be a calming color, yellow, friendly and happy, and red is associated with excitement.

7. Make one at a time – Having too many vision boards can distract your mind from the goal you are trying to achieve. This can effectively splits your visions and the power to make them happen splits, too. By sticking to one specific board, you make sure that the full power is on it and not just a slice.

8. Meditate- Meditation is another fantastic way to help you while using a vision board. Imagining that you have this specific life, career etc., and seeing yourself do things, helps to push your mind into the image, sending out very strong signals.

9. Make things specific – Too many different ideas on your board can create a conflict, and you will find that you become stumped as you only find part of each one materializing. Keep your theme constant, this makes it powerful.

10. Forgive yourself – By forgiving yourself of any past problems that carry any guilt or pain you are able to eradicate the negative from your subconscious mind for good! This is a pivotal point because without it you will only be held back. So give yourself a break, relax and let the negative past wash away from your mind for good.