Benefits of Meal Planning &Prepping !!!

An awesome tool to help you track your goals- Many families tend to shed weight or maintain because they implement meal prepping.

Less trips to the grocery storeNo need to stand in long lines or in the kitchen trying to decide what you will eat.

Creates memories with your family- Grab the family and create memories by getting their input and help with planning meals.

You make the choices in the ingredients you eat- Many people have lowered their cholesterol, blood pressure and more by meal prepping.

Saving money by eating at home- (Website, Trimming the Budget) the average American family spends $225.00 a month eating away from home.

Creates great habitsThe effort is worth it and gets easier, as it becomes part of your routine.

You make the choices in the ingredients you eat– Many people have lowered their cholesterol, blood pressure and more by meal prepping. It eliminates the guess work and allows making optimal decisions.

   Meal Planning & Prep Tips  

Tip 1: Plan ahead with recipes, a grocery list, and meal components.

Tip 2: Balance your meals with protein, starch, fat, and vegetables.

Tip 3: Buy in bulk and make meal variations. Helps save time and money when buying and prepping

Tip 4:  Use your CREATIVITY and spice it up. (Variety keeps you from getting bored)

Tip 5: Invest in a food scale to track your intake more accurately and control your portions.

Tip 6: Choose a day that works best and always prep on that day as if it were a scheduled event.

Tip 7: Meal prep with your friends, your kids, and/or your significant other to make it fun and educational.

Tip 8: Choose foods that have a longer storage life and taste good reheated.

Tip 9: Take advantage of your freezer and not just your fridge.

Tip 10: Do not prep for more than 4 days.

Tip 11: Do not forget healthy snacks.

   Meal Planning and Prep Tools

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