I believe when a message is for you in the spirit you tend to hear it a couple of times until you take heed to it. This is my experience; you will see countless messages on T. V., get a phone call, or see an email about the same thing, some times all in the same hour, in the same day or within the week and at times it will shake your very being.

Of course, we know there are those times in life where we are tested and tried in our faith, but those test help perfect whom we will become and give us a unique testimony to encourage and help others. But then there are times when your very thoughts good or bad, positive or negative affect your very surroundings and you wonder how you ever wound up in this situation.

Is that how you feel right now?? In as much as we continue to think positive, somehow the enemy tries to come in and destroy our spirits, our attitude, our hope, and our dreams and leaves us with a disease call A. N. T. S. No I wasn’t diagnosed with it, but I know I have some symptoms and I plan to in obedience this New season and New Year kill off some A. N. T. S. -AUTOMATIC NEGATIVE THINKING SYNDROME. Do you suffer from it?? Has it become full-blown?? Well if it is there is hope today. January is the 1st month to give you first fruits so many of us incorporate a fast of some kind to help us in areas in our life where we need clarity or breakthrough. Now maybe you are not privy to fasting and the benefits of it, but it has great rewards, so choose your weapon whether it be prayer, fasting, reading of the word, devotion, or all of the above, but whatever it is select a weapon and get to work!!!! Let’s take the stance that we will not let another year go by with a syndrome that has a cure.

Today decide to get rid of your A. N. T. S your AUTOMATIC NEGATIVE THINKING SYNDROME and pick up the

ANTS of Hope. ANYTHING I NEED TO SUCCEED- You ‘re equipped with everything you need.

Today I challenge you to choose to succeed, grab your weapon and partner with the little Ant that had high hopes (Faith) that he could move that rubber tree plant.


Be encouraged