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How Do You Teach Your Teen To Love Themselves?

In just 10 days we will meet at the Collingswood Senior Community Center in Collingswood, NJ with 50 teen/tween girls to teach them about Dreaming Big, going after their goals, discussions about self-love and closing out with a dance party with many other activities planned.

I met Dr. Angela Clack in 2007 and over the years I continue to cherish her pursuit for women and girls to have them live their best lives. She is a phenomenal woman, passionate about others, always giving back and known in her community, but if you don’t know her here is more about her below.

Dr. Clack is a Licensed Psychotherapist practicing in New Jersey. She earned her doctorate in 2002 with a degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, Washington, D.C. She has taught, supervised and provided training in specific areas related to children, youth and their families. Practicing in the field of mental health for over 15 years, Dr. Clack has developed a specialty in working with youth who have emotional and behavioral disturbances, learning difficulties, and youth and adults who present with trauma history and trauma-related behaviors. She has worked extensively with youth in out of home placements, including residential treatment settings, secure juvenile facilities, and within the foster care system.

I am honored to share this event with her in changing the lives of youth next week at the Teen Glam Girl Vision Board and Dance Party and looking forward to having an awesome time and creating lasting memories with the girls.

Below is a video with Dr. Clack on the Power of your Life show with Dr. Joanne White to hear more about Angela’s heart for women.

If you have not registered your teen/ or tween girl (ages 13-17) don’t miss it!!! Limited seats are still available and you can register here.

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Pam Perry Has a Vision Board Too. Join us for our upcoming Dream Big Event!!

Hey Purposed Ones,

So we are preparing for our upcoming  Dream Big Vision Board Party at Express Hair Salon and looking at the oodles of information we will talk about regarding Dream and Vision Boards. We have been at it since 2009 so there is much to discuss.  I attribute some of my success in losing 141+ lbs over the past two years to setting intentions, putting the goal on my Vision/Dream Board,  getting a plan and getting into action and it happened. Nothing magical about the Dream board, please know it is going to take some effort on your part.  Every time I  do a new board I have a practice of adding my “Core Essentials” to the board and then I put things into action.  You will be amazed what this will do for, but we will tell you about it at the event.

So now that we gave you some tidbits are you ready?  We are just days away and seats are limited so don’t miss it and in the meantime here is a video from Pam Perry an awesome guru in social media who inspires many to get moving.  She shares about her vision board and gives out great tips on your goals.

Tune in

Be Blessed and Fit Onpurpose!!!

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Kirkwood Lake Park Hike – Lindenwold, NJ

It’s the holiday weekend and hiking trails are a great way to add variety into your workout. It’s also a great way to get in some new scenery.

Hey, instead of driving all the way to another state I decided to check out what’s in our area to take advantage of.

See this blog that breaks down the goodies on the trails in South Jersey.

South Jersey Trails


Kirkwood Lake Hike – Kirkwood Lake County Park, Lindenwold, Camden County, NJ
Distance – We did a little under 2 miles
Type – out-and-back
Difficulty:  2 of 10
Total score:  5 of 10

Website – Camden County Park System
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Lakeside woods and wetlands

Trailheads –  39°50’9.97″N,  75° 0’4.71″W (from parking lot off Gibbsboro Road) – go around to the right.

39°49’58.72″N,  74°59’26.12″W (from side of street on Lakeview Ave)

You can also canoe or kayak here

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6 Ways the Blizzard of 2016 Can Help Your health?


What I love about corporate snow is a time to reflect and rest. If you prepare food, prepare a safe way out and embrace the time to stay in and rest it yields many benefits.

We are busy folks, massive schedules, to-do list and more. But blizzards are a time for me to retreat in my home and rest and rejuvenate for the next big thing.

Here’s some tips to help you embrace the snow!!

1. Time to reflect on your food plan/fitness plan/ & your faith plan.

2. Consider adding in a new workout that will allow your to breath and stretch: Pilates, PiYo or Tai Chi.

3. Grab a great book, kick up your feet up and release fluid by give your body a chance to release if you retain fluid.

4. Strength training or preparing for an event? This is a time to recover you much used muscles.

5. Pull out the journal and write your thoughts and what you’re grateful for.

6. And lastly, commit to stress less in the upcoming year!!! Take a step out the door, take in the beauty of the snow and get some fresh air and just breathe.

Have F.I.T. Day

Coach Rhonda

What did I do on Halloween? I was on the Pave Your Way to Success show with Rudy and Michelle Govan

799727_i4leG2r1It was Saturday morning about 2 weeks ago.  I got up did the prayer call and then at 9 am I was on the Pave Your Way to Success show discussing healthy ways to keep the weight off for the holidays.  As I am sitting here thinking about the upcoming weeks, I said to myself ” I bet someone could use these tips” so here it is the radio interview guaranteed to bless you.  I had such an awesome time having girl time with Michelle, we could have gone on forever just talking away.

Well, here it is.

We would love to hear from you so leave us a comment.

Be blessed


Day  17, 18 & 19 -A deer chased the Pescetarian #beyourbestchallenge

Good morning, 

Still only my 30 day challenge, but I’ve had to adjust my schedule and it’s going to take some time to get use to,  

  but I think I’m good on day 3.  Sunday I did the Moms who Matter 5k and that was nice minus the deer that ran out and scared the mess out of me. Lol I also walked 2 miles home since hubby was in church so this gave me some additional miles for my challenge.

Sunday is the day I decided I would start my pescetarian lifestyle. Yes you heard it here second lol. I have given up meat and only eating fish and seafood. 

How did I get here? Thursday  in the shower I heard the word in my spirit and knew right away God was calling me to do something different in this next phase of health. After many videos and research it totally made sense so meat be gone and I feel fantastic. Last year I watched many videos on the I humane treatment of animals and this seems like the best thing for me.  Like really, I feel incredible and I can’t wait to see what goes on in a month. So far I’ve incorporated tuna steaks, albacore, shrimp and feeling like I’m eating cleaner than my already clean plan. I’ll keep you posted

Monday was a rest day with my new schedule and Tuesday was Tabata that kicked my butt. Deal is I was extra tired yesterday and needed more water, so today I’m prepared! 

That’s it and I’m half way through the challenge and feeling amazing.

Day 17-5 miles

Day 18- rest

Day 19- Tabata 

Enjoy your day Onpurpose!!

Spaghetti squash on my plate today!!

Day 8 and Day 9-“I feel like a kid again” #beyourbest challenge #neolife

” I feel like a kid again!! ” I said this weekend to my hubby. It’s true this year I’ve been doing some really fun things and having the time of my life. Continue reading “Day 8 and Day 9-“I feel like a kid again” #beyourbest challenge #neolife”

Day 6- A little late!!! 84 Days Left Until? #beyourbest Challenge



Where has all the time gone?
I mean I was just in church last year praying in the New Year and we now have exactly 84 days left until 2016. Wow!!! Kind of makes you think about some stuff, huh? Every now and then I have these random thoughts and while getting ready for our upcoming Vision Board Workshops I thought, “How many days are left in this year?”
It also has a little to do with this book I am reading that says, “The average person has 25,550 days in their life” and it got me to thinking. There is a lot of lying around I did in my 20’s and now that I took off a person and have some extra energy I better get moving and get some things done? Yes I do vision board, write goals and list and you name it, but this it’s about being totally intentional about every area of my life. In addition to my 30 Challenge I have been doing the 30- day push by Chalene Johnson and let me tell you it is eye-opening to the things I can get done. The deal is I have many pieces of sticky notes with crazy ideas and really been in prayer about moving these things off the paper and into reality. And I am also reminded of Medina Pullins Post today on Periscope make sure they are “God-Centered Goals and Vision” true dat!!! Okay so this is what the months look like, but my days are tucked away and some of the good stuff will show up on this blog.


October – 30 Day Challenge

November- Gratitude List and Vision Board

December- Holiday time with the Family (I am off the grid)

January- Let’s get it started

That’s all folks until we meet again!!!

Day 7 – Woohoo It’s Rest Day. Really? Storytime!!! #beyourbestchallenge

rhondabeforeandafterWahoo, It’s Rest Day.  Really?

Just hours away from the 7th Annual Your Awesome Power Within Global Women of Power Summit hosted by Sharon Addison and I am über excited. Tonight I will be sharing my story with a group of women on how I how lost 141 lbs and what the journey has been like in hopes to encourage someone who is struggling with weight as well.

  I just left my girls office to finish up some vision board details for tomorrow’s event at Macedonia Baptist Church in PA.  Yikes!!!  As you can see this is a busy weekend and I am glad it all feel on my rest day because a girl needs it.  I told Karen at class last night I may have to break down and buy some Advil. lol. But so far so good.

Challenge notes:

picnik-collage.jpgSo it’s day Day 7 and what I have noticed is my rings are moving around my fingers more.  I have an additional ring on my finger to hold my wedding rings on until I’m finished losing weight so I can get them re-sized.   I also feel this sense of “you can do it girl” and a peace in this challenge that just gives me pure joy.  So far, so good for day 7.  It is great and today and tomorrow  I get a chance to do one of  my favorite things, share and speak to others about Gods great things He is doing in me and through me.

Thanks for journeying with me on this 30-day challenge.  For more information on the challenge and how you can join.  Go to for a chance to enter and in $1,000.

The summit is at 6:30 pm so off I go to handle some things around the house.

Until tomorrow Be F.I.T. and Be blessed


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