Last year Walgreen’s seemed miles away…Day 2- #beyourbest Challenge

It’s day 2 of the be your best challenge and the truth is my butt is so sore.  No, like really sore.  Lol.  My first day out I attempted a 25 minute Tabata Kettlebell workout and boy it was intense.    I noticed when I normally do Tabata workouts I am super sweaty and this wasn’t the case, but somewhere around 10 minutes into this workout I noticed I was completely drenched with sweat.

I picked this workout because a friend of my sister teaches a kettlebell class and I’ve been wanting to go, but proximity and schedules prevent me from getting there, but it’s on my to-do list.  So in the meantime I picked this video to do and boy it was hard, but I welcomed the challenge.

Day -2

Well today was a different and less intense workout of walking/running and I can still feel the pain in my legs, but I pushed anyway.  Now the plan is to do 2.5 miles on alternating days, but I want to have some miles on reserve for the upcoming  days when the weather gets bad or emergencies occur.  I started my walk after getting home from a baby shower and remembered last year the Walgreen’s in my neighborhood use to seem so far, but today I had to estimate at least 2.5 miles so off to the Walgreen’s I went. And  to my surprise while running my son called and said he was cooking dinner.  Bam!!!  A quiet day and dinner is done.  28 days to go. lol

So Day 2 is complete, and now I can enjoy the rest of Sunday

3..05 miles walk/run

Pro Vitality

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Enjoy your Sunday

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