Posted on Tue, Jan. 27, 2009

Event promotes self-esteem, love for women
By Teresa Duckworth

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Starting this year, women from around the South Jersey area can be their own Valentine and give themselves a day of love.

On Feb. 7, Positive with Purpose will host the inaugural all-female social event titled “I Simply Love Her” to give women the opportunity to socialize with other women and be inspired to live up to their full potential and realize their dreams and self-worth.

“A lot of women go through life and don’t realize their purpose. They’re unhappy and have no direction,” said Rhonda Ferebee of Turnersville.

Ferebee is the sole organizer and event coordinator of Positive with Purpose Women, a ministry she began to help women realize their full potential and to give women starting business ventures a forum where they can network and build relationships. The mother and medical coder came up with the idea for a Valentine’s Day event for women to celebrate the love they have for themselves and each other.

Ferebee noted how sad and lonely many women were on a day normally reserved for couples. Or, if they were in a relationship, their romantic expectations weren’t being met.

So, she hosted a small gathering of women to share a day of friendship and sisterly love.

“Last year, it was in my house and maybe 10 women came,” said Ferebee.

Ferebee also noticed how many women are envious of other women’s situations or possessions and wanted to give women she knew the chance to bond and promote good will toward each other.

“‘I Simply Love Her’ means to remove the hate and reciprocate the love. Love yourself and the girl next to you,” said Ferebee.

This year, she wanted to extend an invitation to all the women in the area over the age of 18 to a few hours of inspiration, pampering and enjoying each other’s company while doing some good for others.

“It’s a Christian spiritual event, but not limited to Christians. We get together to celebrate ourselves,” said Ferebee.

At the event, the author of “If You Understood My Past, You Would Understand My Praise,” Darnyelle A. Jervey, will speak on learning to love yourself.

Also, the director of Choices of the Heart, an organization in Washington Township that helps pregnant women in need, will speak.

A campaign to raise money for the organization will be launched where people will be asked if they can fill baby bottles with spare change.

Vendors at the event include Soul Purpose which sells bath salts and lotions, Mary Kay cosmetics, Traci Lynn Jewelry and Teaporia, a tea company.

Entertainment will include a praise dancer and a Valentine Idol competition where participants can receive gifts.

“I’m looking for singers for that,” said Ferebee.

The Valentine’s Day social, which is being held at the Holiday Inn on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, will also have massage therapy, a reception buffet and more, giving women an occasion to treat themselves as the love of their lives.

“[I] encourage friends of friends to come. [But it’s] most important to get everyone out to have a good time, and to inspire women to develop their full potential,” said Ferebee.

For more information on the event and tickets, contact Rhonda Ferebee at 856-392-5152 or visit