It’s Monday morning and hot here in Jersey, but I heard my cousin the basketball player/ trainer oh yes and she is a mom too ,was going to the local park today with my niece to workout. Of course, I invited myself because I am always looking diversity in my workouts and I thought it would be fun to hang.

We had an amazing time and she pushed my butt to new levels by making us run hills, run backwards,  froggy jumps and even sprints.  I am still here in a sweaty shirt answering emails and posting and need to retreat to the shower, thank God know one has said you stink and you need to handle that.  Tune into the details of the Vlog via Periscope because I popped in this morning to shoot a video before the workout.  I should have done a post workout video, but more to come!!!

What do you do to diversify your workouts?  Let us know and leave us a comment below

Until we meet again Be FIT and Be Blessed Onpurpose