Yesterday I was dog tired from an entire week of many events and in preparing for our fitness class I wanted to just chill back, take care of the sign in sheets and help with the music, but the voice in my head said “push past my excuses, you don’t always have the option to do what you want to do”.

Well after that conversation showed up I shook off what was going on and hit the floor and did the planks and of course my post on Facebook showed my comment, “this is sweat not rain” lol.

This class is so intense and burns oodles of calories and challenges me in areas to make me stronger. After I finished, we grabbed a photo op of all who came out to workout, when it was time to smile inwardly there was a feeling of gratefulness that I turned off the chatterbox in my head and got it done.

It is a constanat feat of daily discipline I have to do to feed my mind good things in order to cancel out the trash that shows up and tries to talk me out of the great things God has in store for me. But as I continue to show up every day it’s less and less of the mental mess!!!

Do you struggle with talking yourself out of things and making excuses for the things you keep saying you want?

Below take a listen to my Vlog on ways to get over it and get past it.

Leave us a message and let us know how you push past your excuses.

Have a great day TGIF!!!