It has been a passion of mine and I work at it fervently to become better at time management. I remember in the beginning of this year when it was time to present a Vision Board workshop I was convicted in the area of TIME. We talk to women all the time about life, jobs, family and after hearing women share all the time that they just can not get it together and at times late for meetings and affairs. A revelation came to me of the possibility to grieve someone and be a hindrance to our family or spouse when its time to go to affairs and we are not ready, that we need to do advance preparation so that the Family can Flow (order). Since then I continue to put steps into place to help others with this area.
For 30 days we have committed to a sneak peak plan called PWR To Do List.
In part we have committed to write a to-do list everyday and at the top we list 3 things that must be done everyday
Every day we are consistently making a conscious effort that we spend time in prayer so that our life will receive the power to change through God’s Holy Spirit. We WALK and this is time over and above our normal routine at least 10 minutes a day, sometimes we simply stand in front of the TV and walk in place, but it’s an effort to move our body (keep things mobile). And lastly, we READ, we grab our word, getting scriptures to study pertaining to our life and our situations or simply encouraging others. In your spare time grab your head phones and use your apps on your phone and use your time wisely. Get some books of aspirations/goals that help catapult you to a new place in your three key areas. Mind, Body and Spirit….
Stay Consistent!!!! That is it Stay Consistent and don’t beat yourself up just work towards becoming better you in all areas.
That’s just a sneak peak of our upcoming program and we are excited about many great things are coming for you.
Be blessed Onpurpose.
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