Random post today, but it is on the heart so it is short and as sweet. I remembered today the little nursery rhyme that we use to sing when we were kids as I thought back to a meeting I had with a wonderful woman today.

I simply expressed this. We are children of the most High and he takes care of us so we need not worry as the birds do not. I dropped this on her “we will be aggressive now in our sprinkles of seeds and next year this time will come a harvest”. As I rode down the street I thought about the images of things coming up in my life that are such awesome opportunities and I call them roses, Callie lilies, tulips and wild flowers.

It is simply a garden of increase in my backyard of all the work that we have done to grow our business and we faint not and keep on going on. So I said to my husband ” it’s time to get some soil because we have more work to do”

Don’t give up and remember your seeds you plant today, next week, next month will reap a harvest, if you faint not and believe that you will achieve.

I must go, but leave us a comment and tell us what you have been planting or what you think is not working and how we can help you get your Garden of harvest and increase to get some buds.

Rhonda Hammond
Positive With Purpose, LLC