This is too funny. I was going through my email this morning and ran into the preparation notes for this message we did on the Simply Pray Prayer Call. I then went to update my blog post and ran into this article again. I love it when things speak so loud you can’t ignore them. (confirming moments)
I am reading Luke 2 -36:38 about Anna and how she stayed in the temple and Prayed, Worshiped and Fasted for years. And I have so many questions about her life to discover, but in the meantime this blog reminded me of the importance of Prayer and getting in Gods word and of course Worship. (I Worship though my walking) Just wanted to Share this morning as a reminder to get Gods best.

Enjoy the read and have a blessed day!!!


It has been a passion of mine and I work at it fervently to become better at time management. I remember in the beginning of this year when it was time to present a Vision Board workshop I was convicted in the area of TIME. We talk to women all the time about life, jobs, family and after hearing women share all the time that they just can not get it together and at times late for meetings and affairs. A revelation came to me of the possibility to grieve someone and be a hindrance to our family or spouse when its time to go to affairs and we are not ready, that we need to do advance preparation so that the Family can Flow (order). Since then I continue to put steps into place to help others with this area.
For 30 days we have committed to a sneak…

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