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Day 5- #beyourbest Challenge. Call me Veggie Girl

Day 5 in full effect!  

I’m feeling absolutely amazing on day 5 and started the day with a 4 mile walk and personal development  podcast with Rick Warren. 

Every now and then, I wake up with this desire to hit the pavement and when I can, I do it.

Hoodie on, earbuds in my ears, with  sneakers tied I hit the door. I felt the urge to walk a new area in my neighborhood, so off I went. Buses were everywhere this morning, but once they picked up the kids it became quiet and I began to take in the beauty of the area. 

While walking I started to think the upcoming weekend is going to be busy and it’s fast approaching so I better meal prep. Quick stepped back home, showered and went to get some veggies. I love veggies!!!

What’s new on my list of veggies?  Chayote Squash. I made it for the IF:  Gathering  event I attended last month and loved it. Now I’m hooked so call me veggie girl. I’m always looking for new veggies to add to my menu. 

Cooking dinner soon so I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes. 

Leave us a comment and tell us “what’s your favorite veggies???

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Be fit and be blessed Onpurpose, 



Day 4 – #beyourbest Challenge- Everyday is a winding Road. You heard?

It’s day 4  of the #beyourbestchallenge and as I promised I would pop in after my Tabata class and update you via a video.

My glasses literally get foggy from the sweat during this class and I tried to get some pics and videos and my phone got stuck.  Urgg.  You ever notice when new phones come out, crazy things happen to your outdated phone?  I am just saying.

So tonight we did these new woodchuck moves in Tabata  and figure eights and it was hilarious to watch the attempts to try to get precise coordination during this move.   I cracked up to myself because I am like, “this is a hard move here” but I am sure someone thought up the benefits to this complex move.  Oh yes, my abs are going to hurt tomorrow. lol

Well, Day 4 is done and I actually feel awesome.  I reminisced with the instructor tonight about the time I first took her class and almost puked and had to excuse myself from the class and run to the bathroom.  I dare not blow chunks in front of her.

A lot has changed since then, thank God.

Looking forward to just walking tomorrow and of course, I will be back to tell about day 5.  We are going shopping to get some healthy snacks so I will fill you in on the treats we eat.

Be F.I.T and Be Blessed

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Day 3 #beyoubestchallenge- OMG.. MY Treadmill Broke So I Went For a Walk


Day 3- 1 Mile Walk

I was out fighting giants all day, then went to the grocery store to get some healthy treats, and off to class which included a test and came home and my treadmill broke.  OMG! Can you believe it?  I just shook my head and said “on to the next.”

Well instead of crying over spilled milk I went for a walk.

Click here to listen to how I handled this event. 

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Helen Keller,

Join me later today for day 4 as I leave Tabata class.

Mark you calendar things are changing around here. Day 1 30 Day #beyourbest Challenge

Well, you probably guessed I  was pretty darn excited yesterday because I posted a pic in my black sports bra on Facebook.  Yikes!!! It was hard to do, take the pics and then post them, but I am now officially entered into the Be Your Best Challenge through the NeoLife Club.  And now it’s time to get to work.

I know the thoughts hit the newsfeed, “Why another challenge?” Deal is you all know that I have been on this healthy, wellness journey for the past 2.5 years and this time last year I was training for the Goliation and it was the most challenging yet rewarding thing I’ve done thus far.

That day, outside of having my children is officially marked as one of the best days of my existence because I pushed myself way past what I thought was impossible and I did it, we did it, as a team.  So It’s time to go deeper!

So the email was sent along with 12 pics in different positions along and I am ready along with my calendar sitting bedside with my 30-day schedule.

The plan?

Clean eating+15 hours of Tabata +25 miles of walk/running+30 days of Pro Vitality Vitamins

= Toning my extra skin from losing 141 lbs, getting stronger mentally and physically and a chance to win $1,000

For 30 days I am going to keep you posted to encourage someone and to give myself some accountability because let’s just face it, life happens and since I am uber excited about this, I have to put a safeguard in place.

Day 1-25 minutes of Tabata- 30 minutes of HIIT- Fat Blaster,, lots of water, and clean food. 12074648_910815765700994_2140691630555782797_n

#fitonpurpose #beyourbestchallnenge #neolifeclub #30daychallenge

Over the next 30-days I will post the journey on this blog and you can bookmark it at.

Until tomorrow be safe out there in Joaquin!

For my 21 Day Food plan


Diversity In Your Workouts

It’s Monday morning and hot here in Jersey, but I heard my cousin the basketball player/ trainer oh yes and she is a mom too ,was going to the local park today with my niece to workout. Of course, I invited myself because I am always looking diversity in my workouts and I thought it would be fun to hang.

We had an amazing time and she pushed my butt to new levels by making us run hills, run backwards,  froggy jumps and even sprints.  I am still here in a sweaty shirt answering emails and posting and need to retreat to the shower, thank God know one has said you stink and you need to handle that.  Tune into the details of the Vlog via Periscope because I popped in this morning to shoot a video before the workout.  I should have done a post workout video, but more to come!!!

What do you do to diversify your workouts?  Let us know and leave us a comment below

Until we meet again Be FIT and Be Blessed Onpurpose

Periscope Tip To Jump Start Your Workout #periscope

Truth is I have a love, like relationship with Periscope. I love the fact you can access many real time videos all over the world, but at times I get so many of them I have to filter through and of course have balance in all things because you can look up and a whole day goes by because you get lost in Periscope world looking at scopes.;) It has however increased my followers on Twitter and I have met some awesome folks through a scope mastermind. My favorite girls to follow on the scope are Refit Revolution. Well you guys know via our Facebook followers I attended a church in Hammonton , NJ  to do their workout back in May and I so enjoyed myself. Like I really did!!! I stayed for an hour and it was a great sweat and the girls had great timing and ques and fun moves. Did I Rhyme? lol

I have some future plans for this but to be continued…


IMG_6655photo 3

Ok, so Tuesday I did a weight loss tip on Periscope about ways to add cardio to your workout when your walking because I am always walking. I met up with some friends and my sister and brought my jump rope to add in some intensity and it was great. 3.6 miles and a jump rope make for a great workout to get that heart rate up and burn some calories. Here is more about it via our Youtube channel below.

Variety is the spice of life and keeps my workouts interesting.

What can you do this weekend to add some intensity to your workouts and have fun? And do us a favor and follow us over on Periscope so you can tune in to our real time tips. And from time to time you can catch our scopes on Youtube.

Off to create vision with the teen girls at the Teen Glam Girl event today and have some super fun these girls have no idea what we have planned for them.

Be FIT and Be Blessed Onpurpose!!

Rhonda Hammond
Purpose Coach

Push Past Your Excuses!!!

Yesterday I was dog tired from an entire week of many events and in preparing for our fitness class I wanted to just chill back, take care of the sign in sheets and help with the music, but the voice in my head said “push past my excuses, you don’t always have the option to do what you want to do”.

Well after that conversation showed up I shook off what was going on and hit the floor and did the planks and of course my post on Facebook showed my comment, “this is sweat not rain” lol.

This class is so intense and burns oodles of calories and challenges me in areas to make me stronger. After I finished, we grabbed a photo op of all who came out to workout, when it was time to smile inwardly there was a feeling of gratefulness that I turned off the chatterbox in my head and got it done.

It is a constanat feat of daily discipline I have to do to feed my mind good things in order to cancel out the trash that shows up and tries to talk me out of the great things God has in store for me. But as I continue to show up every day it’s less and less of the mental mess!!!

Do you struggle with talking yourself out of things and making excuses for the things you keep saying you want?

Below take a listen to my Vlog on ways to get over it and get past it.

Leave us a message and let us know how you push past your excuses.

Have a great day TGIF!!!

How Do You Teach Your Teen To Love Themselves?

In just 10 days we will meet at the Collingswood Senior Community Center in Collingswood, NJ with 50 teen/tween girls to teach them about Dreaming Big, going after their goals, discussions about self-love and closing out with a dance party with many other activities planned.

I met Dr. Angela Clack in 2007 and over the years I continue to cherish her pursuit for women and girls to have them live their best lives. She is a phenomenal woman, passionate about others, always giving back and known in her community, but if you don’t know her here is more about her below.

Dr. Clack is a Licensed Psychotherapist practicing in New Jersey. She earned her doctorate in 2002 with a degree in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University, Washington, D.C. She has taught, supervised and provided training in specific areas related to children, youth and their families. Practicing in the field of mental health for over 15 years, Dr. Clack has developed a specialty in working with youth who have emotional and behavioral disturbances, learning difficulties, and youth and adults who present with trauma history and trauma-related behaviors. She has worked extensively with youth in out of home placements, including residential treatment settings, secure juvenile facilities, and within the foster care system.

I am honored to share this event with her in changing the lives of youth next week at the Teen Glam Girl Vision Board and Dance Party and looking forward to having an awesome time and creating lasting memories with the girls.

Below is a video with Dr. Clack on the Power of your Life show with Dr. Joanne White to hear more about Angela’s heart for women.

If you have not registered your teen/ or tween girl (ages 13-17) don’t miss it!!! Limited seats are still available and you can register here.

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Today we had to come to Atantic City to take care of some business and it was too nice to not have some fun. 

We hit the boardwalk, dipped our feet in the water decided to add spontaneity by hitting the track for a little go karting. 
I filmed the fun via Periscope of the fellas having a blast.

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