What I love about corporate snow is a time to reflect and rest. If you prepare food, prepare a safe way out and embrace the time to stay in and rest it yields many benefits.

We are busy folks, massive schedules, to-do list and more. But blizzards are a time for me to retreat in my home and rest and rejuvenate for the next big thing.

Here’s some tips to help you embrace the snow!!

1. Time to reflect on your food plan/fitness plan/ & your faith plan.

2. Consider adding in a new workout that will allow your to breath and stretch: Pilates, PiYo or Tai Chi.

3. Grab a great book, kick up your feet up and release fluid by give your body a chance to release if you retain fluid.

4. Strength training or preparing for an event? This is a time to recover you much used muscles.

5. Pull out the journal and write your thoughts and what you’re grateful for.

6. And lastly, commit to stress less in the upcoming year!!! Take a step out the door, take in the beauty of the snow and get some fresh air and just breathe.

Have F.I.T. Day

Coach Rhonda