Good morning, 

Still only my 30 day challenge, but I’ve had to adjust my schedule and it’s going to take some time to get use to,  

  but I think I’m good on day 3.  Sunday I did the Moms who Matter 5k and that was nice minus the deer that ran out and scared the mess out of me. Lol I also walked 2 miles home since hubby was in church so this gave me some additional miles for my challenge.

Sunday is the day I decided I would start my pescetarian lifestyle. Yes you heard it here second lol. I have given up meat and only eating fish and seafood. 

How did I get here? Thursday  in the shower I heard the word in my spirit and knew right away God was calling me to do something different in this next phase of health. After many videos and research it totally made sense so meat be gone and I feel fantastic. Last year I watched many videos on the I humane treatment of animals and this seems like the best thing for me.  Like really, I feel incredible and I can’t wait to see what goes on in a month. So far I’ve incorporated tuna steaks, albacore, shrimp and feeling like I’m eating cleaner than my already clean plan. I’ll keep you posted

Monday was a rest day with my new schedule and Tuesday was Tabata that kicked my butt. Deal is I was extra tired yesterday and needed more water, so today I’m prepared! 

That’s it and I’m half way through the challenge and feeling amazing.

Day 17-5 miles

Day 18- rest

Day 19- Tabata 

Enjoy your day Onpurpose!!

Spaghetti squash on my plate today!!