” I feel like a kid again!! ” I said this weekend to my hubby. It’s true this year I’ve been doing some really fun things and having the time of my life.


 Friday I got a surprise text from my friend to hang out on Saturday night and not knowing what it was I accepted.  I trust her. I thought I would be exhausted after speaking at the summit on Friday and then the morning prayer call and I had to facilitate a vision board workshop with the teen girls on Saturday, but I managed.

What I’m noticing is a great amount of energy to get a lot done. I mean I still cook, clean the house  and laundry in addition to everything else and I feel awesome. I can’t help to think how grateful I am that I’ve incorporated regular vitamins and regular workouts into my schedule because it helps tremendously. Not to mention losing weight makes a big difference in my energy now.

To my surprise the text from my girlfriend was an invite to do the color run on the waterfront in Camden and we had a blast. I had to admit to her that she answered an unanswered prayer of mine.  All those months riding across the Ben Franklin Bridge on the train, I always looked down and desired to walk on the beautiful waterfront and soak up the scenery. Now I had a chance to do it at night which added a whole other level of beauty.

 This weekend was filled with laughter, adventure, dancing, great conversation and I am super grateful!!!

Weekend? : Summit , Workshop and Color Run

30 day #beyourbest challenge

Day 8- 3 mile Color Run, Saturday

Day 9 -23 minutes of Tabata, Sunday

Pro Vitality both days, http://www.30daypush.com

Loving life Onpurpose

Until the next post

Be F.I.T.and Be Blessed Onpurpose