Where has all the time gone?
I mean I was just in church last year praying in the New Year and we now have exactly 84 days left until 2016. Wow!!! Kind of makes you think about some stuff, huh? Every now and then I have these random thoughts and while getting ready for our upcoming Vision Board Workshops I thought, “How many days are left in this year?”
It also has a little to do with this book I am reading that says, “The average person has 25,550 days in their life” and it got me to thinking. There is a lot of lying around I did in my 20’s and now that I took off a person and have some extra energy I better get moving and get some things done? Yes I do vision board, write goals and list and you name it, but this it’s about being totally intentional about every area of my life. In addition to my 30 Challenge I have been doing the 30- day push by Chalene Johnson and let me tell you it is eye-opening to the things I can get done. The deal is I have many pieces of sticky notes with crazy ideas and really been in prayer about moving these things off the paper and into reality. And I am also reminded of Medina Pullins Post today on Periscope make sure they are “God-Centered Goals and Vision” true dat!!! Okay so this is what the months look like, but my days are tucked away and some of the good stuff will show up on this blog.


October – 30 Day Challenge

November- Gratitude List and Vision Board

December- Holiday time with the Family (I am off the grid)

January- Let’s get it started

That’s all folks until we meet again!!!