It’s day 4  of the #beyourbestchallenge and as I promised I would pop in after my Tabata class and update you via a video.

My glasses literally get foggy from the sweat during this class and I tried to get some pics and videos and my phone got stuck.  Urgg.  You ever notice when new phones come out, crazy things happen to your outdated phone?  I am just saying.

So tonight we did these new woodchuck moves in Tabata  and figure eights and it was hilarious to watch the attempts to try to get precise coordination during this move.   I cracked up to myself because I am like, “this is a hard move here” but I am sure someone thought up the benefits to this complex move.  Oh yes, my abs are going to hurt tomorrow. lol

Well, Day 4 is done and I actually feel awesome.  I reminisced with the instructor tonight about the time I first took her class and almost puked and had to excuse myself from the class and run to the bathroom.  I dare not blow chunks in front of her.

A lot has changed since then, thank God.

Looking forward to just walking tomorrow and of course, I will be back to tell about day 5.  We are going shopping to get some healthy snacks so I will fill you in on the treats we eat.

Be F.I.T and Be Blessed

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