Well, you probably guessed I  was pretty darn excited yesterday because I posted a pic in my black sports bra on Facebook.  Yikes!!! It was hard to do, take the pics and then post them, but I am now officially entered into the Be Your Best Challenge through the NeoLife Club.  And now it’s time to get to work.

I know the thoughts hit the newsfeed, “Why another challenge?” Deal is you all know that I have been on this healthy, wellness journey for the past 2.5 years and this time last year I was training for the Goliation and it was the most challenging yet rewarding thing I’ve done thus far.

That day, outside of having my children is officially marked as one of the best days of my existence because I pushed myself way past what I thought was impossible and I did it, we did it, as a team.  So It’s time to go deeper!

So the email was sent along with 12 pics in different positions along and I am ready along with my calendar sitting bedside with my 30-day schedule.

The plan?

Clean eating+15 hours of Tabata +25 miles of walk/running+30 days of Pro Vitality Vitamins

= Toning my extra skin from losing 141 lbs, getting stronger mentally and physically and a chance to win $1,000

For 30 days I am going to keep you posted to encourage someone and to give myself some accountability because let’s just face it, life happens and since I am uber excited about this, I have to put a safeguard in place.

Day 1-25 minutes of Tabata- 30 minutes of HIIT- Fat Blaster, 30daypush.com, lots of water, and clean food. 12074648_910815765700994_2140691630555782797_n

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Over the next 30-days I will post the journey on this blog and you can bookmark it at.

Until tomorrow be safe out there in Joaquin!

For my 21 Day Food plan