11351215_10207185887104944_4890454779308465454_nYesterday I had a really real conversation at small group. “Yes even though I run one, we attend one too”

I talked about my arms and having to get over the self talk in my head and get over the covering them up with sweaters and such because point blank it’s hot and “it is what it is” 

“And I Simply Love Me”


After being heavy most of my life, I have what I call jiggles and real talk I have not been so happy with them, but I am happy with the full journey of making a decision and sticking with it, so my negative thoughts about “what are people going to say about my extra skin has to go” I’m over it!

I have committed for the next 30 days starting today to challenge (🏃push myself ) and work hard on my arms and cardio to get results.

I’ll post my after pics after the 30 days. 

Everything You Need (1)

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Rhonda Hammond

Purpose Coach

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Click here to see the workouts I will be doing to work on my arms