Yesterday I received a text message asking me to look for someone who was in need of some items before they gave them away.  I did just that and the person I reached out to was super happy, her response was pure excitement and gratefulness because they were believing God for just the thing I called about so her prayers were answered. Don’t you love that?

I love those types of text when someone gets blessed and so it got me thinking I need to host  contest  because I want to give away some Tee’s to encourage some women to get moving. (I feel totally incredible and I want others to know my heart is for others to experience the same and it started by just walking)

I don’t want to be bias, but these tees are awesome because it’s linked to a movement to encourage you to “Simply Walk or “Simply Run” but most importantly to get out and about, grab a pair of sneakers and take a walk or run and do something towards your healthy goals.  Summer is upon us and it’s a great time to get fit and take back your temple.

Well, it’s lunch time on a Sunday, make sure you get out and have some fun.

So let’s begin the details are below and I am excited to see who wins!!!

Happy Sunday and remember

Be F.I. T and Be Blessed Onpurpose

We giving away some Tees for our walkers and runners so don’t miss this chance to win.