Hey Purposed Ones,

So we are preparing for our upcoming  Dream Big Vision Board Party at Express Hair Salon and looking at the oodles of information we will talk about regarding Dream and Vision Boards. We have been at it since 2009 so there is much to discuss.  I attribute some of my success in losing 141+ lbs over the past two years to setting intentions, putting the goal on my Vision/Dream Board,  getting a plan and getting into action and it happened. Nothing magical about the Dream board, please know it is going to take some effort on your part.  Every time I  do a new board I have a practice of adding my “Core Essentials” to the board and then I put things into action.  You will be amazed what this will do for, but we will tell you about it at the event.

So now that we gave you some tidbits are you ready?  We are just days away and seats are limited so don’t miss it and in the meantime here is a video from Pam Perry an awesome guru in social media who inspires many to get moving.  She shares about her vision board and gives out great tips on your goals.

Tune in

Be Blessed and Fit Onpurpose!!!

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