Flash back Tuesdays- My life/house use to be so chaotic that I would scream at the craziness that would go on  and this morning  I was reminded of how different life is now.


As I woke up at 4:50 am to get my day started,  I rushed downstairs with many chores to do, pack my food, let the dog out, get my hubby some ice (opps I just realized I forgot) God help me in my virtuous wife efforts,  and get his lunch all packed up because he is still down from the surgery he had 2 weeks ago. The deal is I enjoy spending time early in the morning by myself to just think and get things done while the rest of the house slumbers.  With many things to do and all  this before I rush out the door to dash off to get a parking spot close enough to the train to head to work.

All of this had to be done this morning, but there were some interruptions that tried to distract me from my morning of praise and gratefulness.  I went to open the door, and the dog missed the door and just let it his business out on my coffee rug. Urrgg!!!  I guess he was still sleepy.

Then up to the shower and the caddy fell and the hot water was cold and as I attempted to sing Yolanda Adams, my song was cut short because I was shivering.  All I could think of was “What a morning”  oh yes and it’s Tuesday.  And then it hit me.  An old mindset was about to show up and I was about to fall into “it’s going to be a terrible Tuesday” just because it seemed to always happen that way in the past.  But this morning I had shook myself and got control of my thoughts my Tuesday and even though the start was not great I decided to declare the rest of the day would be the best of my day and while shivering I continued to keep it moving and had a great ride on the train reading and just mapping out the rest of the day.

It’s easy to fall into the old mindsets we so easily think we’ve overcome, but it is a decision to renew, restore and refresh daily and stay reminded “That was then and this is now”


Thank God for a new Mindset on this Flash back Tuesday!!!



Today I decide to keep it positive Onpurpose!!!