Stopped by to give you a thought for today.

Yesterday I sprayed down the bathroom, grabbed the laundry and headed to do some dishes to get ready for my meeting tonight with some incredible girlfriends. Tonight we are going to catch up, laugh and I am looking for a great time.

As I moved in the kitchen to do my meal prep, a thought came to me in a quiet download in a form of a question “What if your answer to what you desire was in a 3 letter word?” ASK

It was so easy, the word ask a small word with great significance.

Can we ask the questions? Are we prepared for the answer?

Ask for the new position 
Ask for a raise 
Ask for wisdom 
Ask for peace 
Ask for endurance 
Ask for favor 
Ask for more love 
Ask for healing 
Ask for greater relationships 
Ask for provision 
Ask for they need help 
Ask for help 
and Ask God what’s your purpose

Just a thought!!!

Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach

Positive With Purpose