So what does dynamic actually mean and what does that have to do with owning a business??? Webster defines dynamic as “pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic”. In all the things that a woman will do in her lifetime, either go to college, get married or have children, she should always put a one hundred percent into making whatever that endeavor is productive and fruitful.
However, when it comes to launching and operating a business, sometimes women are at a disadvantage because of society’s expectation of them to put everything else first instead of simply prioritizing what is important. Wherein a woman has the ability to spearhead a successful revenue generating business, she also has to be dynamic, energetic, and active. More often than not, it is also her lot to forcefully seek out assistance and support, especially implementing actions that are going to make the flow of business more efficient and effective.
Yes she must be highpowered! She will be able to land the contract and check her eleven year-old son’s homework. She will be able to write the proposals and get in front of the decision makers, but still be able to sharpen her skills by taking continuing education courses. Being a dynamic woman Is a must in order to be a top rate female entrepreneur.
I have owned a business for eleven years, five part-time and six full-time, and I know it takes a lot of work, blood, sweat and tears. Nonetheless, when your focus is not to prove to others that you can be successful, but to prove to yourself that you can, the energy is absolutely supernatural. You eat and sleep the expansion of your business. You long for it to grow so your children can experience the joys of ownership. You want it to give back to the community that helped you to see your potential and succeed. You desire your business to do so much more than make money, and that is why you get up every morning and put on the cape with the big “D” and go to work!
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