Happy New Year to you all!! I hope that you enjoyed your time off with friends and family or family and friends. lol.  I actually happened to have that stinky cold that went around, but managed to pull out the holiday for the kids and closed out my 2012 in celebration of  an awesome year. 

I wanted to stop by today because I am Ningified. Yes I am!!!!

 I created this word for the Network Ning that launched in October of 2005 and as I remember, it was a  great place to be social and not to mention the ability to integrate it with Facebook, Twitter etc.

  When Ning came out it was a great place to set up a profile and get to know many people with different interest.  Today I was sent an invitation to a network from a dear friend from our ” I Simply Love Her” event to join her site Empowering U 2 Achieve and can I tell you I was reminded of the love I have for Ning? I love its simplicity to connect in a unique way. 

Well as I finish my profile on this awesome network I hope that you step back, not in time, but to take advantage of some of those great  places/networks that are still up  and running to assist you in getting social and expanding your business globally to all those are waiting for your wonderful gift of service.


Be blessed and again 2013 is going to be Marvelous


Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach. 


Have a great day!!!