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In business, it essentially boils down to People. What determine a good or bad business are the men and women running it, from the receptionist all the way to the CEO. Good followership is as important as good leadership.

So what makes good followers and good leaders? In other words, what makes good People? GOOD CHARACTER. Character is the very essence of a human being. It is one’s moral compass by which we conduct our lives and actions. Honesty, courage, compassion, concern for the environment, integrity, loyalty, knowledge, unselfishness, trustworthiness are some of the traits that all of us revere.

Character is shaped by nature and nurture. Nature is comprised of DNA, genes and hereditary factors, they say “it’s in your blood”. On the other hand, nurture is comprised of upbringing and the environment in which one develops, it typically determines the impact of a gene…

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