When we were kids the tradition was to get up in the morning, open your gifts and then take one gift over my NaNa’s house and meet up with my cousins for dinner.  Now here is the deal, if you really loved a gift you better keep the good stuff at home because every year the same thing would happen to one of the lucky kids of the family.  Some one would break their toy and here came the tears.  Omg.  So my sissy and I decided take the Uno cards instead lol.

Well, now that I am older and Nana is gone home to be with the Lord and the next generation is a bit different, so we created our own tradition.  We get up early in the am about 7, because my kids are older and honestly they don’t want to get up. Then we eat my famous casserole that I have managed to master.  (Truth moment,  I made horrible cookies a few years back and had to redeem myself) It’s still being talked about.  Anyway, so we gather at my house with my kids, sister, niece and some other family and open gifts, eat, fall asleep because it is heavy dish and every time you eat it along with all the other dishes you just fall out. We then get dressed and then the day is filled with more festivities which leave us snoring at night from cracking up all day.

While sitting here in a local coffee shop I thought to myself, I wonder what fun traditions you have for this holiday? And my niece inspired me, she has to do this for a school project and I love countries, so to digging I went. lol

Do you have a  holiday tradition you would like to share? We would love to hear them and just in case you don’t have any, below are 4 traditions from around the world to get your create juices brewing to make a tradition that creates lasting moments for a life time.

Side-note: We will never forget when my cousin broke the head off my sisters baby doll.  Poor baby doll. lol

Christmas in Australia

It’s summertime and over 100 degrees for Christmas, now that is different.  See more about their hot holiday

Christmas in Brazil-

Brazil is composed of many natives and one of their traditions is crafting a nativity scene, called the Prespio.  Back to the nativity scene, did you notice you don’t see many of those around anymore? Read more about this

Christmas in England-

On my must travel list is England and it seems that they take off two days for Christmas and Boxing day which falls on December 26th.  Umm that sounds like a winner and your going to love what is in the boxes.  Check this one out

Christmas in Spain-

The Good Night where dinner is usually eaten late at night before midnight and the feast is around the nativity scene.  And turkey and truffles are the hot dishes for the dinner

Well these are from around the world, and as we said can give you some ideas in creating a new tradition for your family fun time during the holiday.

Remember have fun with family and friends because Jesus is the reason for the season. Image