Yes the holiday season is slowly approaching, with what 8 days away?  But I can not help to think of all that is going on in the world over the last couple of months.  In our area we have had devastation after devastation that affects the lives of many and even though we have business to do, we at Positive With Purpose would like to take some time to just get quiet this Monday and reflect on the loved ones of the people.

Today I posted on Facebook- ” Pray about Everything” because that was the thought I woke up with this morning.  Let us pray about everything that we encounter, every decision we make, every relationship that we start, every time you take the wheel of the car and let me say it again.

Let us pray about everything.

Today if you can join us in reflections for the following:  the restoration of Hurricane Sandy, the continued work  still being done from Hurricane Debbie, The families that just faced such great lost in Connecticut this weekend and that comfort be with them in this time of lost,  and for the families that are just  facing difficult times this season.

While we know all things work together for the good of those that Love the Lord today we want to give of our time in reflection and offer prayer for the people Onpurpose.


Today be blessed and in all you do.


Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach