Just stopping today on my out to a birthday party for one of my family members and thinking how many events are going on today.  Today alone we had so many invitations, which leaves me to believe the middle of the month although not documented or at least I am not aware of appears to be the busiest time of the month.  I know, but  I am always noticing trends it’s just my nature.

I thought back to November 17th and how busy that day was and here we are 10 days way from one of the biggest holidays of the year and out the door we go.  Today as you travel, first we say be safe, have fun and take in the MoMents!!!  This morning when we joined in the prayer call with Erica Latrice of BeInspired that was our topic: Capturing the moments, enjoying them, and the pruning process in this season and going into the next season capture the moments and being appreciative in the journey to destiny. 

Okay so we are off to have some fun and you have a great day and put some eggnog on ice as my aunt said to me this morning.



Be Safe and have fun OnPurpose