Last night my last post in our vending group Infinite Vending was Happy 12/12/12!  All the rave today is the date 12/12/12, it’s all over social media, blogs, events and TV shows with great discussion how this is the last triple date of the century.

Another awesome thing that happened today 12/ 12/12 was the great social network Facebook created a look back of all the important things that we did in 2012 and captured it in a profile of pictures collages to share with your friends.  Very cool! and So Creative.

While on our Simply Saturday Prayer call we discussed being creative this holiday season and having fun with friends and family and not busting our pocketbooks this season.

Check out our list 12 things to do this holiday to be creative with your family and to make this holiday season one to remember.

1. Pinterest is the source of all creative things, photos recipes  crafts and more.  Make sure you get an invite to one of the hottest visual networks and get creative.

2. Games are always a great way to have fun  see who is competitive in your family and the time just goes on by when you are having a good time.

3. If crafts is your thing check out this great Peppermint tray that was featured on Rachel Ray…. so creative and a great gift

4. I remember when were kids my Nana use to take white string and hang it from wall to wall and then drape the Christmas cards she received from the year before on the sting. It would be a constant reminder of all the people who blessed you the year before, but now you can scrap-book, create book marks as gifts and so much more.

5. Grab one of those albums you have in your gifts given to you that you did not use and gather some old wrapping paper as back grounds.  Collect your old fun photos and give that way as a great gift.  Or new photos, you can grab great photos off of some of your social networks.

6.  Here is one of our favorites, do a fun New Year’s craft with your family and grab magazines and create a Dream Board with their 2013 goals in mind. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

7.  Create a family book, again get a big binder, whole puncher,  magazines, markers, pens and pencils and ask the kids to write a fun Christmas story and then collect them and add them to your book and there is a gift that you will have every year and next year you can look back and laugh and create another one or add to it.   ( Hey I just came up with this one and love it.  I think we are going to do this) lol

8. Glue, Glitter and Christmas balls, pick out some crazy balls from the clearance rack and go to town. Don’t forget your newspaper to stay organized and neat.  You don’t need glitter everywhere unless you are going for that sparkle look. lol

9.  Are you a writer and have some older unused journals lying around?  Tie them with pretty ribbon and give them away.  We love pretty journals and these days we are writing more and more, blog ideas, church notes, food journals, gratitude list.  You get my drift?

10. For all my coupon mama’s get some pretty envelopes, and if have some coupons that you have not used and don’t want, put as many as you can and give them away to someone who loves to coupon.  I can think of someone  that would love them.

11. For all of your business owners,  what left over stock do you have, promo’s or service can you giveaway for the holiday?  Do a free call that will bless someone before the year is out.  Create an event that will bless someone and allot a scholarship to a couple of women to utilize for personal growth.

12. Do you have left over cookies that someone gave you in the pretty tins? Do an ARK (Act of Random Kindness) save on the calories, pack them up and drop them off to the local shelter.  The kids will enjoy them and shelters always can use great goods for all the families (call your shelter to see their rules for donations.)

And there you have it on this 12/12/12 get giving, and get creative and make sure you have a fun time this year for the holiday. Stay connected for more post on holiday tips ONPURPOSE and more.


Do us a favor and share this post with someone who is feeling down this season.  We hope that it was a blessing to you and leave us a comment on any of the ideas that we listed and your plans.


Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach


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