Saturday we just did a call about this upcoming holiday season and how some were suffering with job lost, budget cuts and the more.  We encouraged the women to be creative this year for the holidays and focus on family and having a great time with games, and crafts and do what you need to and be careful not to create unnecessary debt during  this season.

Well in thinking on this topic I saw some Apps (cellphone apps) that I wanted to feature that can help you cut some fat in your budget.

Viggle (Android and IOS) The Viggle app on Iphone and Android is an app to use when you are watching selected shows in Direct TV.  See the Blog above to tune into the shows that will yield rewards.

Gasbuddy(android and IOS)- Omg this is our favorite app to use when we travel and from time to time I see hubby pulling it up to see who has the cheapest gas.

Amazon Price Tracker (android and IOS- While you are in the store perusing  the shelves for your holiday deals scan the item, take a picture and compare the price to your current store deal and see what’s best.


Season greetings!!!!  Let us know it this helped you save some pennies.



Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach