Tomorrow is December 1 st and yesterday I was thinking ” it is one month left of 2012″ Last quarter calls.  If you are like us over at Positive With Purpose, we are planning and planning away for our 2013 /14 marking calendars, creating webinars and oh yes our Women’s Expo.

But this year I want to go deeper, stretch beyond my comfort zone and really inspire, encourage and  live a life on purpose. As we move in to the New Year we are talking about goals, dreams and resolutions. We really don’t like to say resolutions,  because some how resolutions go out the door around the end of January and then we have that shame that goes with the thought of ” I messed up again.” So we will work on creating our dream boards, getting a plan for our Goals, starting a new habit that will help us in a specific area and really getting intentional.

Well in this post we wanted to give you 25 blogs that we hope will help you in the areas of finance, leadership, inspiration, inspiration and productivity and we have more to come.

Daily these 25 blogs will take you right in to the holiday season, so pick a blog, click the link,  glean from it, and meet us back for everyday for  DETERMINATION DECEMBER.  We are determined to pull out this last quarter on purpose and move into an EXPLOSIVE 2013.

Here is our 25 Blog List

    Leadership Blogs

1. John Maxwell Blog

2. Michael Hyatt Blog

3.  Seth Godin Blog 

4.  Big Is the New Small Blog

5. Serve to Lead

 Personal Finance Blogs

1. Girls Just Want to have Funds

2. Mint Life Blog

3. Christian Personal Finance

4. Budgets are Sexy

5. Frugal Dad


1. Lifehacker

2. Productivity501

3. 43 Folders

4. Getting Things Done

5. Daily PlanIt

Inspiring Blogs 

1. Daisy Yellow

2. Pretty Shiny Sparkly

3. Almost Fearless

4. Persistence Unlimited

5. Today Is that Day

Women in Business Blogs

1. She Takes on the World

2. She-Economy

3. The Boss of You

4. Habit Forge

5. Bottle Up Your Crazy

Do us a favor book mark this site so you can come back everyday and tell us what you think about our Blog list.

Have a great weekend

Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach

” Remember When You Dream You allow others to Dream”