Image  On the red couch, with my book, a pen and something cool to drink,  after Sunday dinner I proceeded to write my gratitude list.  I sat reminiscing over all the things I was thankful for in 2012 and put the pen to the paper and 2 hours and 134 items later… wow that felt good.

I laughed at some of the things I wrote, because it really has been an amazing year so many great things have manifested in my life. Now let me make it clear, there have been some challenges that have taken place over the past year.  But as we look back over them we realize they were all character builders, lessons to be learned and faith builders to walk us to our destiny.

It is amazing to think that the things you pray for truly show up  SUDDENLY, but just not in the way that we think. I shutter to think what God says about us sometimes.  In his infinite love and wisdom, I just wonder in all our fretting, worrying, and unbelief does he just SHH (Shake His Head) and say, ” My  child, my thoughts are not your thoughts”.

Thank God for that!!!  Because the older you get, the more you see your way clearly is just not the best way at all. But back to the list, we had been focusing on preparing for our list, gave tips, and then did the task and like we said it gave us much to reflect on a multitude of things that we are utterly grateful for.

 “What you appreciate, APPRECIATES”

We hope you joined us in the process, and if not you still have time.  Check out our video on what we had to say about our gratitude list and hope that it helps you in creating transformation in the way you see things.


Remember your “Attitude Determines your Altitude”


Join us in the next week as we focus on declarations and our 2013 Goals.


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Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach