Well we are one day away from Turkey day and I just can not believe how fast it came around.  The year is flying by, but we are thankful for all that 2012 has brought us.


I remember my kids baby sitter use to say ” You Attitude determines your Altitude”, she was so right because I noticed I would have a completely different outcome depending on my response so certain situations.

When I would become all upset it always brought upon added drama, frustration and stress that was unnecessary.

I remember being younger in life and when things happened  I would flip out, sad to say my daughter event coined my nick name as flipper.

Yes it is true, I wanted to have control of my plans, married to my way of doing things, and the mere  fact of creating a diversion was not in the cards.

Well 3 kids later and a different life, seems that I had to learn to change my attitude a whole lot and chill out.  I often laugh at my sister because I say the same thing to her. ” Chill out lil girl” God always has a plan and purpose for everything that happens.

And in my learning to adjust my attitude I have learned that it always works out for my good.  Even in those traffic jams I’ve learned that when stuck in traffic it is  because  that is where I am suppose to be right at that specific moment.

Well as you can see I have much to be grateful for and this has been our focus for the last week:  to simply express to you an attitude of gratitude helps you see the good and not the bad, helps you to be grateful for the things you do have and not focus on what you don’t have and so much more.

So let’s get started!!! We have focused on your gratitude list , but we will actually take some time on Sunday night to create our list.  Sundays is one of my favorite times to focus on Faith, Fellowship, Family and Food, my time to  try to get quiet and reflect on the next week.  This Sunday I will get my paper out and create my list, because my Thanksgiving usually has some great memories that I want to add-on my list.

 So let’s get you started

1.  Get some pretty paper to create your list and if you don’t have any grab your favorite notebook and make sure you have at least 5 pages you list could be pretty long.

2.  Pens/ Pencils – Grab your favorite writing device that has enough ink so you can keep the create juices going.

3. Find a comfy place where you can sit for a good  while to write.

4. If you love music, turn on your favorite soothing song that helps put you in a good place in the mind to help you remember all the good events that happened this year. Padora is always a good option

5. Now get to writing and write and write until you can’t write again.  Everything you can think of that gives you that little chuckle or that little ” oh yes, I forgot about that”  Go for it and write it all down.


Sky is the limit, to what you can show appreciation for, key is get it all out and watch what weight is lifted, what great memories flourish  in the mind, what healing lies in the list of gratitude as you get a new perspective.  And most important you may shed a tear or two, but I hope you laugh your pants off (well not really, but you know what I mean)

 Remember what You Appreciates, Appreciates

Well that’s it, please email us and let us know of your success of your list.  Again even though we started  our list with you here first, we will write our list on Sunday night and reflect on 2012.


1. We are grateful for all that God continues to do and the messages he puts in us

2. And we are grateful you showing up to visit our blog ONPURPOSE.


Do us a favor and share it with a friend and to you Happy Thanksgiving


Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach

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