Happy Tuesday!!!

I am totally filled with smiles, praise, joy and all the above.  I just came back from a great conference in Atlanta called Conquer and that is just how I feel, able to conquer all.

The conference started on Thursday and it opened with Bishop Jakes discussing strategies, structure and so much more, my notebook alone has 5 pages filled with notes from the opening night.

As I arrived in GA my girlfriend of many years met me at the airport, and off we went to have some great Hibachi for lunch.  It was such a breath of fresh air to get away, spend time together, since I have not seen her since my wedding almost 3 years ago, it hardly seemed like that  much time has passed.

I could have easily of stayed for days because the weather was beautiful, I love down south and  it really was some people I wanted to visit before I left, but we will save that for next time.  We are all embarking on the big 40 B. day and plan to have a blast in the coming months, so I back I go for my down south fix. lol

My Bestie did fulfill a dream of mine and I was so excited!!! Every time we go down south we have to leave early and I never can make it to church. So she calls me on Friday as I visited my sisters God Mother and asked if I wanted to join her at prayer in the morning.  But of course!!! You  betcha, and I woke up at 4 am to be there on time and loved it.

We parked in Decatur GA at a big church with many people willing to sacrifice their sleep to get up early and get in God’s face for their needs. Awesome, as the pastor began to sing ” It is well with my soul”  tears filled my eyes, with such an overwhelming response of gratitude of how God invaded my life and found it possible for me to get to this conference to be fed with such business advice I was moved in my heart at a perfect, absolutely perfect trip that gave me different level of perceptive for life that I will never forget.

So it has been some days since I have written my 2 things I am grateful for, but as I promised I would show up for 11 days and tell you what has been happening in my life and what makes me grateful.  Forgive me for the delay, but while away I picked up some goodies for my list

1. The provision being made for such a wonderful trip

2. Traveling mercies to and fro

3. Meeting my conference buddy Keisha from GA who now we talk via text

4. Time with the Cookie Lady Lauretta Pierce at her table having a blast

5.  My first time listening to Bishop Dale Bronner- Oh my word!!! That was amazing

6. Again, Hibachi with my girl and our trip shopping a perfect store.

7.  The little Red car that became my theme color, it became such a cute car and good on gas

8.  Seeing my sisters Goddy, husband and kids on the trip and them letting me crash on their couch because we stayed up so late

9.  Ohh okay, so I did not want to be a Gospel Groupie, but there stands John Gray(Gospel Artist)  and I love his story of celibacy on TBN and always talk to my sons about him.  I wanted to say hi, but again I know they are sick of people coming up to them all the time, so I am outside talking to Pam and I look up and there he is right in front of my face going to his car.  I looked up and said,  “I was just talking about you”, and he gave me a message to give to my sons.  – Great moment

10. Time in prayer at 6 am and a great prayer call at 7 am and can I just tell you I was pooped, but it was so worth it.

11.  Daddy appreciating my blonde hair that helped him find me at the airport… haha

12.  Coming home and making it just in time for the What Are U Eating launch Party and looking around the room and thinking with all the work we collective did, it was a great turn out and who knew I would get flowers that made me CHEESE.


One more….. 13.  Coming home and seeing my hubby and the kids.  I missed them so much, but they showed me that they pulled together and held things down while mama was away.


I know that was a lot, but that is jut what happens God Blows my mind and I have so much to be grateful for that it is kinda hard to focus on that other trivial stuff.


What about you?  Leave us a comment as we are 2 days away from Thanksgiving and tell us what you are grateful for.


Remember ” What you appreciate, appreciates”



Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach

Remember ” When You Dream You allow others to DREAM”