Two weeks ago when my partner in business crime (lol)  and I met to plan our year of business events so that we not only supported each other, but that we made sure we put goals down to be accountable and get them done.

Later I had shared with her that I pulled out a notebook that I used  before for planning and in it was my gratitude list tucked away.  As I looked over the list was 61 items on the list had many moments, memories, people and events that I was grateful for.

It made me ponder, use your gratitude list to help you calendar your events.  I know that sounds crazy, but my girlfriend and I have come to a conclusion  that for many of us have become so busy with families, ministry,  building businesses and more.

We want to support as much as possible, but if we don’t know ahead of time we miss it because there is so much going on.

We even created a group ( Calendar Connection Community Group on Facebook) to really stay connected to a key group of really forward thinking woman who we want to support in 2013- Request to join!!!

So here is my tips

– If you don’t have a gratitude list get one-

Get a free printable Gratitude list here

Write down everything you are grateful for that took place for the entire year. You don’t have to wait until the year is over, you can do it every day, however we wait because it helps us look at the whole year in reflection for going into the New Year.

Okay if you have your list– Get it out and look at all everything that you wrote.  I am sure you are going to see a new person that you wrote about that you met at a new event that you developed a new friendship with.  It is almost a guarantee that you have met someone new from an event.

Remember that event, how great it was, and research it to see if they are having it again and if it was important then PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR!

Maybe your Gratitude list says “I am so grateful I got my car registered on time this year” or maybe it says ” I am grateful for the 5 times I made it to prayer fellowship this year”

     By putting those things down and being grateful you show appreciation for getting things done that were required of you.  Now you can use your list and put all of these things on your calendar so that you can improve upon it this year.

Maybe you  presented at a workshop or conference this year.  Use that on your gratitude list by just saying, “God I am thankful for that group reaching out and giving me the opportunity.”  And then add it to your calendar to stay in touch and maybe go back and support in a bigger way the next time.

While preparing for 2013, reflect over the past years gratitude list and let that help you prepare your year of success.  We would love to hear if this helped you.

As we promised every day we are sharing 2 things that we are grateful for.

1. Working out today and making it a priority

2.  My son coming in my room to just chat with me about his upcoming plans

We hope that helped you in your planning 2013.  Stay connected and leave us a comment and take advantage of the tools in the blog above,  and look for tomorrow’s post.

Be blessed Onpurpose

Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach

” When you Dream you Allow others to Dream”