Today 11/11/12… I just love date!!!  

This week I talked to a friend about our Gratitude list and how we were preparing to write our list for the year of 2012.  In 2010 I had such an amazing year that I started to collect my thoughts, and put together my list of all the things that I was grateful for.  


Today we are 11 days away from Thanksgiving a day of gathering with our families, playing board games, watching football of course, and oh yes let’s not forget the macaroni cheese and 7 up cake.  


For the next 11 days I am going to list 2 things I am grateful for and I hope you will join and tell us what you are grateful for this season. 


“In order to plan your future wisely, it is necessary that you understand and appreciate your past.”

 Jo Coudert

Gratitude List

1.  I am Grateful for a car that has got all my nerves this year, but still is working and is bringing the family closer.

2.  I am Grateful that I am for my hubby that cracks me up, even when things look crazy.