So we are in the car this morning on our way to service and my sister mentions a deal that I thought I would research to make sure it was good to go before we posted. 

My daughter use to work over at the  Sears Corporation years ago and they were going back and forth as to what would be the best method to redeem the free money.  


I called over and Bam she was right you DO NEED OUR PIN number for your reward card to get the free money.  Looks like our  neighborhood K-mart and all others put $10.00 on your reward card, which applies to all customers as a courtesy for those experienced loss during the storm. 

So go head over to your local K-Mart and if you need supplies or food because you were affected by Sandy this will help towards replenishing your storage.


We found this post on DEAL Seeking Mom to help you get more information and like I said we called.


We hope this helps you and tell us how you made out.  


Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach

” When You Dream You allow others to Dream”


In this case it is our Purpose to make sure you stay Positive regarding the storm.


Not sure how long it is going to last, so jump on it.