It’s never to late to call someone and say “thank you for all you do” Image

I did that yesterday as a critical situation posed as an emergency that made me want to scream.  Yes a repair on the car … the barrings were about to seize up and the mechanic said, “it needs to be fixed right away or you won’t have a car.”  Are you kidding me?  I told him to go ahead and fix it, but as I sat on my lap top writing, I literally wanted to scream!!! 

Out of my mouth that morning to hubby was this ” I have never been here before, such a level of knowing it is all going to work out.”   ” Part of me wants to worry, but I can not, we are taught if you are going to worry don’t pray, and if you are going to pray don’t worry.  So in that statement I have to not give up and take my stance and stand in prayer and faith.  

I know In the past I would get stressed out, start to cry, who has money to fix the car again? Let me just tell you my 2012 with this car has just about drove me batty. But as I took my walk this morning I remembered I am exactly where I am supposed to be at the set time and that even though I am not so happy about the dog on car.  I won’t curse it with COMPLAINT!!!

What is the reverse of complaining?  Praise!!  Praise is what I do!




As I finished up my walk I remembered the text I sent my girlfriend the other day about her being on my Gratitude list in 2010, she was number 31.  I simply said ” I thank Lynn for helping me to be a better person.” Yesterday while everything was going on with the car she called me about one thing, and it all worked out that she helped me go get the car from the mechanic and we helped her fix her stove. lol

And there you have it 2 years later, she still continues to make sure we live our best life that we set out to do and reminds us to stay positive. Go figure!!!  And now we both are grateful because we where able to help one another.

Today is 11/1/12 and it is the month of Gratitude, my list from 2010 has 61 + listed items of what I was grateful for and 2011 has just as many. And while walking this morning I was thinking about the year and some key things that need to be on my 2012 list, so I am getting ready and we hope you join us.

Please join us as we continue to focus on being grateful this month with a heart of thanksgiving!!!


Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach



Leave us a comment if you will join us to write your list!!!