Recently we had the pleasure of meeting Erica the Founder of BeInspired Magazine an online community for women to share and of course Be Inspired. Erica keenly launched the magazine in 2009 and we love what she is doing to help others,so naturally we welcomed this opportunity with open arms.

Graciously our invitation came to write for this month’s Overcoming October issue and the timing I thought was fantastic with our focus this month on women facing and overcoming breast cancer. It was an honor to partner with women and stand in a place to encourage others in what we have OVERCOME.

I sat in the library waiting for my son to prep for the SAT’s with laptop in hand I decided to put on the new CD I received the night before from Jason Nelson to inspire me and get my creative juices flowing, and might I add it is great CD

As I wrote the article “The Battle Is Not Yours” it was interesting remembering where I was in this time and space in my life.  God is awesome!!!

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Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach

” When We Dream We Allow Others to Dream”

And we are BLESSED OnPurpose