Change your thoughts, and you change your world

Norman Vince Peale

 I ran across this quote this morning and remembered reading this book on my honeymoon that hands down embarked change in my life and thoughts forever.

Have you felt like your situation seems grim and there is no way out of what you are going through?   I know that feeling oh so well and every day with a mission to have a positive attitude I myself have to work on it daily.  I was just thinking about this morning on my way traveling to and fro and said it’s time for a game change. 

My reason is every day I think and review my Vision/Dream Book and  my goals that yet need to be accomplished and that  I need to make continued progressive steps of strategy to make that happen.

 Here is my notes for the next 30 days of commitment

1.  Pray- Great book to read Comanding your Morning by Dr. Cindy Trimm

2.  Walk in the am to map out the day- get the joints moving

3. Create a great breakfast that makes me feel good.

4. Create my to do list for the day and look at it consistently

5. 15 minutes of Personal Development everyday at minimum


Don’t wait  another minute and get started tomorrow for 30 days and will come back and report the results. 


Rhonda Hammond

Dream coach


“When you Dream you allow others to Dream” -Push Towards Purpose!!!!