It’s a question that everyone ask themselves at least once in their life time ” Why am I here”.

Over and over again in a quest to find true purpose.  I often think back to a time when I had a meeting at my house and heard a lady say ” I want to know my true purpose”.  It is a continuous journey of pursuit of why God created us and what is our true purpose of being here, what am I to do? what is my calling? how do I help leave a mark in this life that I have lived? 

Have you thought the same thing?  I am sure you have!!!! 

Of course we help people find their purpose and last night I was reminded again of what my purpose is.  On the list of many things God has given me to do, He divinely enables us to connect others with the resources that we need and others need to do their purpose. 

It is awesome to see people connect, smile and that light wake up on the inside with realization that I have come one step closer to my purpose. 

We are so inspired today to know that we are living our purpose and want to take it up a notice and really live and give to the fullest!!!


We wanted to share this poem with you today to inspired you towards your purpose.

Leave us your thoughts and let us know if you have found your true purpose?


Why am I here?
Why was I born?
What is my purpose in this life?

I am here through a divine intervention
I am here as spiritual entity
Created to make a difference and serve as reference
I am here for a short while, but worthwhile
I am here to give hope,
Through actions and words
I am here to give and receive love

I am here to teach and learn
I am not here to change the world
I am here to challenge the ways of individuals
I am here to ignite light where there is darkness
But I am also here to walk through the darkness into the light

author: Boitshoko
Rhonda Hammond
Dream Coach
“When you Dream you allow others to Dream”