Oh my gosh the day is pretty much gone and I lost myself in my work out. So on my walk back I had a today I really thought about how many times do we make excuses and buy in to our own mess?

Are you making excuses? Really are you making excuses for any area in your life that you need to get better in and you just keep making them? I was in the pool this morning looking at the instructor, elderly women, old enough to be my MEME, she was every bit of 60 years old, and fit and as a feather, working out and teaching a class. 

When I am finished I get in the heated pool to stretch and sit next to women that just got weight lost surgery. I listened to them talk about losing weight after weight loss surgery and how they were taking 7 insulin shots a day and now their lives have changed drastically. I sat there and thought it’s funny because I was just on the verge of getting this surgery and my friend said ” You did it before, do it again”.  Wow!!!

 After listening to this conversation I get dressed and walk back home after the work out.  Here is the deal.  I could not imagine in my life that I would yearn so much to go work out that I would go and walk to the gym.  I use to walk back in the day, but that was for extra exercise, not for pure enjoyment. Today I wanted to get in the pool so bad I packed my bag, walked to the gym, did an hour of aqua aerobics and walked back home just letting go stress and enjoying the weather and I ran into my mail main too.  He is too funny and told me he was concerned about my sister then he said ‘ Oh my I thought you were someone else” good thing. lol 

 Here are some things to think about and yourself, am I making excuses and hindering myself? 

1. A 60 year old lady is not making excuses to stay fit and even teaching others to do the same. 

2. Although I wanted to get weight loss surgery God saw fit for me to go another way and even with surgery you still are going to have to comply with the discipline of working out, eating right and staying consistent. Either WAY!!! 

3. Will you go to workout no matter the situation with the car, kids, husband/wife etc.? Will you do what needs to be done regardless of any obstacles and take care of you?

 In every moment I always glean experience and lessons and come back to share them with you  to give you motivation and help with your purpose.  

So today get your butt in gear if that 60 year old lady can teach a class for an hour then say to yourself no more excuses in every area of life and let’s get moving!!!!!!
If you are looking for a system for free- take a look at this site and set up an account and have a great time working out with us.  
Have a great day and tell us about some things that maybe have been holding your back. 
Be blessed on purpose
Dream and Purpose Coach
Rhonda Hammond