Never give up

This weekend was amazing and I am sad to see it end. I drove up to PA to take my son to a basketball tournament and boy did he play to a degree in which I have not seen him play. On the side line I am cheering him on as a proud mother would.

And then Sunday we woke up, went to church and had a great time with the kids and determined as ever I came home to study and workout. I shared on my facebook post a few weeks ago that at that time of the month I realized that my mother had to conceive me and that it was 9 months until my 40th birthday.

40, such a signifcant number and in these now 8 months I plan to birth out sime things myself. Thinking often of my vision book and my goals, many things have been accomplised, however there still are some things that (great things) that need to be done.

I am going spend this time in great pursuit to go after those goals and dreams listed in my book.

Please stay tuned for the journey!!! It is going to be a blast.


Share your dreams with us today what’s on your vision board that you can plan to finish this year on purpose?