I have been talking a lot lately about growing your business online and really using social media to your benefit. In a previous post -“10 eyes are better than 2” we mentioned  power networking and the book Tribes by Seth Godin. Go over and get your copy of the worksheet

Our coaching clients or friends call and ask how do you get your information out to so many places and how can I do this or that?  One great way is to use social bookmarking they are sites to put your articles up to gain followers to read your content, engage in new followers and build a relationship and help you find information for a specific topic

Remember you have tribes in each platform, it’s up to you to get social and go after purpose

Here are some sites that we use to be social. 

1. Delicious
2.  Technorati
3.  Digg
4.  Reditt
5.  Slashdot
6.  Stumbleupon
7.  Squidoo
8.  Mr. Wong 





Ohh yes and one more thing,everything needs a scheduled time of strategy to post to these sites, so be wise and decide which works for you and if you don’t have time.  Hire some one to help you with your social needs. 




” When you dream you allow others to Dream”


Rhonda Hammond

Christian Dream Coach


Tell us which ones you use that really give you great results.