Hoarding On My Hard Drive.
A call came in today while I was carpooling, traveling to and fro through the city of Philadelphia. I looked down at the phone and uttered an “Oh my,” as I was wrapped up in a bible study lesson on my cell phone. I answered abruptly. “Girl, did you call me while I was listening to Lisa Harper’s new bible Study ‘Malachi’?” 
We laughed because last September we visited the Women of Faith Conference and we’ll be getting ready soon to do it again this year. At any rate, she said, “I’m calling you because I have to back things up [on the computer]. This is serious— I am calling you because you wrote the blog a couple of weeks ago and of course I am having major issues with my PC.”  
The inspiration to write this article came from another girlfriend who had an abundance of major files on her PC and I was overly concerned with the thought, “What if it crashes?” It happened to me once after an event and I never want it to happen again.

Not sure if you remember, but toward the beginning of May, I wrote a post about backing up the work from your PC before some disaster happens and you risk losing all the creative ideas God gave you. Low and behold, this call was not a complete crash and a loss, but my friend expressed that she had too much saved on her computer and she was looking for cd’s or an external hard drive to put all of her content on. 

Let me tell you a little about this friend. She is a fellow blogger, author and idea innovator. She shared that she had content from 2007 that she needed to save. I had to laugh. I said, “I only have two things to say.” Very intently, with great conviction as always, I said:
1. Please find a method to Back things up so you do not lose all that good stuff (I believe she is in a season now where God is going to give her something great because she works so hard). 
2. I am glad you called. Let’s work on this because I think you have HH (Hoarding information on your Hard drive). 
As funny as it was and as much as we laughed, she promised she would work on backing up her documents— of course you know I will check on her later to see what the outcome is. 
As you see, I just wanted to send a follow up post because I would hate to see you lose all your content. If for some reason you don’t have the means of backing up your entire computer with an external Hard drive, there is an array of hosting sites where you can store information so as not to lose it in the event of a crash, or system restore. Below are just a few of the sites that you can take a look at to begin to utilize online content storage.

Google Drive

Drop Box  
Just Cloud
Own Cloud
And, in a worst-case scenario, send yourself an email with the important files attached.
Feel free to leave us a comment and tell us what you use as your back up source for all your idea creations!
Again, “When you Dream you allow others to Dream!”
Rhonda Hammond
Christian Dream Coach