“By choosing your thoughts,
and by selecting which emotional currents you will release
and which you will reinforce,
you determine the quality of your Light.
You determine the effects that you will have upon others,
and the nature of the experiences of your life.”

~ Gary Zukav

I found this today and said to myself ” boy that was a timely quote” – you determine the quality of your light rings so true to my soul and self in preparation for future endeavors. I keep thinking about the many excuses that stand before us that say clearly in a loud voice that no one can hear, but echos strongly ” I am afraid”

Today lets walk in the fullness therein and know that fear is not an option for the place that we are going!!!! I can think of many times that fear tried to take over and stop me from many things.
It is then I have to calm the voice and say ” I am going to do it with great strength” No options!

It’s called Purpose and that is why we are here.

Rhonda Hammond
Christian Dream Coach