“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” —Helen Keller 

Do you remember the old saying, “2 eyes are better than one” when you were a kid?  I remember hearing it a lot because, interestingly enough, I have been wearing glasses since I was 11 years old. The big schoolyard playground was a place I dreaded, as it was there I was teased and called things like, “four eyes,” because of the thick glasses I wore. Now, years later, I wouldn’t be caught without them because truth be told… if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to see a lick!

This weekend, I worked my glasses overtime while in my zone (the office), the place where the lap top and other gadgets rest as I gather content that I later turn into blogs or tools for business.  I love being in my zone.

While mulling over ideas [for new clients] with my new light pen, which a friend sent me via Facebook, I began to jot down some plans for the year, and pondered over an occurrence I often see happen on the web.  It prompted me to write this because I wondered why some have not figured it out yet.

10 Eyes are better than one– I say that because we all know that business builds upon business by word of mouth referrals; the same notion goes for online efforts with social media.  When I started growing my Positive With Purpose™ fan page on the web, I complied a list of 10 people I would I ask (through their inbox) these simple words: “Can you commit to help me spread the word about my events?” The list had remained there in the zone until this weekend when I did some cleaning and upgrades, but I know the names on the list and have committed those names to memory.

My list was 5 people who would see my events and help me spread the word about what we had going on and would share it with others. Today, our list of followers has grown, but we still look for support from others to help. Who knew I created a Tribe? Before the famous book by Seth Godin came out, I simply called it POWER NETWORKING

“Teamwork makes the dream Work”

Here are some tips:

1.        Identify your Power networking efforts online and offline

2.        Think of others that have a presence online/offline that would help you— it is a win/win.

3.        Think of a giveaway before you ask, people always love gifts. Perhaps a free ticket to your event

4.        Get your scrap paper out and create a list and add at least 15 just in case you have some No’s- then add it to our document  

 5.        Call them and then email them

6.        Have your list in your office or saved in Google Docs and when you have something coming up –Go for it and send them a reminder to “Spread the word”

Power Networking benefits: Gives you ideas, surrounds you with positive people who support you and makes you accountable to do more.

 Please grab a copy of the  attached  Power Networking Tool Sheet for you to utilize in your business.

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Rhonda Hammond

Dream Coach

” When you dream you allow others to Dream”